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Since it is the biggest social network in the world, Facebook has become your point of introduction to people on the Internet. If you are 13 or older, you can add social networks to your own profile from within the Social tab of your Account Settings page. In this article, we will show you how to create a custom author profile page in WordPress. However, my profile does not appear when I search my name in Google Scholar.

Popular blogging platforms include Wordpress , Blogger (a Google service), and Tumblr , and there's an abundance of information available online about how to drive traffic to your blog At the very least, you should share posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

How do I select a CUSTOM picture( other than the provided AVATERS) as my profile pic. If you use multiple Google accounts (e.g. work, personal, or perhaps multiple companies you recruit for), we recommend setting up Chrome Profiles to simplify your workflow.

On the Personalize My Settings page, select Use custom avatar image and browse your computer for your picture. 2. Your Google Profile should also be complete with your bio and include links to your own site as well as your other online profiles. If you have filled in all of the above, but you haven't updated your LinkedIn profile in a while, you might be missing out on the new sections they have added for even more professional details.

Each profile created within the same Hulu account will have its own personalised Watchlist, recommendations, and viewing history. Note: Before adding a photo in your Gravatar account, you will have to rate the photo. Before anything else, let's have a look at why it can be difficult to incorporate the profile picture into your cover photo.

However, the profile picture has to be uploaded as at least a 180x180px image that will then be shrunk to 160x160px. If you're trying to minimize the airtime of bad photos from college parties or wish you could remove the Facebook photo someone tagged when you had a bad hair day, your LinkedIn photo becomes even more important.

If you would like your profile picture to revert back to the old one after a certain time, tap on the Make temporary button and choose a time from the menu, or set a custom time. So after a lot of trial an error, I created my own Facebook cover photo template that you can use for your designs too (woop!).

Now when our family and guests watch Netflix on any of the smart TVs or devices in our home they can select a profile that retains their recommendations, saved content lists, continue watching queue, and, in the case of kids, ensures they aren't watching age-inappropriate content.

A once static image, transformed into something unique, something with personality, something with a hint of movement that tells a much better story about a Facebook user. Google can now display your name and your profile picture in search results next to stories that you may have written.

I found that after creating profiles for each of my kids, my profile was still littered with juvenile fare, despite me answering "Never" in my taste preferences to such tastes as "Family-friendly" and "Children & Family." If you are like me and watch Netflix less than your children do, here's a suggestion: use the first profile that Netflix starts you out with for your kids, and then create a subsequent profile for you.

On the Edit My Blackboard Profile page in the right panel, select Change Picture to upload an image from your computer. Don't forget to click on the save changes button to store your settings. While creating the hyperlink to your Google Profile page, do remember to add rel="me" to the link as shown below (or see the source of my bio page ).
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